Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It's summer. The beaches are crowding, the tan lotions are running out, vichy printed cloths are being worn as skirts and socks; holla at the upcoming 'groundbreaking' season colors; get ready for yellow, orange, teal and salmon. FUCKING SALMON. If it is not the beach ball tri-color scheme, it's the tropicana, peanutebutter vibes that I feel we are all getting sick of at this point. We don't want your cliches, we want new, refreashing in all the right ways and complimentary to all skin types, I mean, when have you ever seen anyone wear a yellow dress and look good in it? ( Except probably Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala in her Guo Pei design)
Sitting on my bed, Thrusday night with my various  mumbo jumbo magezines, the pattern emerges and slaps me in the face like a little bitch: Lagoon Green (can that be a thing? Pantone? Anyone?), you know, that mix of palm tree green and up and coming deep teal..

 Mix all of that bullshit together and you get...TA DAH, my newly invented LAGOON GREEN!
Just think about it, what is so perfect about this being the seasons accessory color? 
  • Not only is it a perfect mix between to great accent colors, it is the ultimate accent color.
  • it fits all skin types. Just try to imagine one it doesn't : milk white? compliments.  Chocolate dark? Fabulous. Simpson yellow? YAAAAS.
  • It is the perfect color pop you all black outfit needs.
  • Or your rainbow puked outfit, whatever you little heart desires.
  • It is legitimately IMPOSSIBLE to fuck it up.
  • It is a transitional color.
  • It's bomb, deal with it.
But Maria, how do I get this color incorporated into my wardrobe without spending a ton of cash in a Lowe's purse and a Prada coat?! Fear not, reader, I've got this.

Motel skirt and top Top shop heels  Asos cuff'  Forever 21 nail polish

I've already taken my *ahem* theory into the streets with my new Zara sale purchases. Although I couldn't find the items online ( Zara does have the WORST online-instore match finds), I am pretty sure you can find both in your nearby Zara.